Who is Tavi Gevinson?

Who is Tavi Gevinson?

Tavi Gevinson is an accomplished actor, writer, and singer. She captured public attention through her blog Rookiemag, which she started at the age of 12. She was born to a Jewish family - her father is an English teacher and her mother is a textile artist. Her blog was very popular and was featured in the New York Times; such endorsements helped her to win over a skeptical family.


Tavi’s fashion blogs led her to NewYork Fashion week, the first blogger ever to accomplish such a feat.  Tavi soon began being chosen for overseas fashion assignments for Pop magazine and commissioned for Harpers Bazaar and Barney’s.


In 2011, she successfully converted her blogs to a magazine aimed at addressing politics and culture for teenagers. She became a constant presence on talk shows like TED, Economist’s World, and has spoken about youth and modern feminism. She campaigned for Malala Yousafzai, when Malala was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan. In 2010, Tavi was chosen by Mattel in association with the White House Project, as one of “Barbie’s Ten Women to Watch”.


Tavi Gevinson has not limited her success to publishing. After graduating from high school, she began auditioning for acting roles. This millennial queen successfully bagged a role in a Broadway project called ‘This is our youth’. Her role was appreciated and the success of her debut led her to more Hollywood projects.


To millennials, she is a role model, one who has achieved much in a short span of time. One reporter aptly described her as the ‘millennial queen’. For her, only the sky's the limit.