Style your Nails with Nail Art

Style your Nails with Nail Art

When we talk about nails, we love papering them and styling them in unique way. Here are few steps to style your nails in quick and easy ways. All you need is different vibrant colors of your choice. Don’t forget to have small number paint brush which will be sufficient and easy to do nail art.

Step 1. Apply a base coat of blue color. 

Step 2. Dip your paint brush’s tip in another color, such as white, black or even green. Dab on your nail to make small dots. 

Step 3. Now take another paint brush and draw with a green nail paint. Make small lines with it, filling the space around the drops.

Step 4. Do the same with White paint and create small equal lines with around the green color.

Step 5. Lastly draw the line on the top of the nail with white nail paint and now let it dry and get the complete look.