Neon on the runways

Neon on the runways

Neon pink bangles were a thing in the glamour runways early this year. But it does not end there. Some trends stay longer than others and this neon one seems to be staying for a while.  But neon colors make great combos and sweet contrasts with so many outfits that it might be hard to let go so easily.  

Makeup artists, for instance, combine fresh neon lips with a super cool gray shadow and some silver nails.  All of this complements the crazy combination that fashion has deemed exquisite. 

This is the 80s making a comeback.  Neon here and there and everywhere. Even some T-shirts from the counter include super-cool neon designs. 

Today, we have managed to make lots of combinations that go perfectly with some neon lips or neon nails. More precaution is used this time so as to not saturate everything with a phosphorescent hue. 

 Neon details will look pretty. Choose it for your lipstick and contrast it with dark shades on your eyes. 

In 2017, Gucci went for such glam-'80s-for his spring 2018 collection. It was glittery and ultra glam. On that occasion, among all the glitter and glam, Gucci included one deep purple outfit with neon green snake embroidery and some other bedazzling pieces.  

Fashion designers keep re-inventing the time when fashion featured all types of loud statements. Of course, neon colors and expressions helped highlight such statements.  We see some neon expressions on the runways of many fashion houses along with glamorous outfits.  

There is more to come as fashion is loving the 80s right now so we will be getting those electric neons sizzling!