How to protect your new fall shoes

How to protect your new fall shoes

Good shoes are more of an investment than anything. They are expensive, made out of choice materials and it takes some work to keep them looking new and to prolong their life.

The first thing you can do is to leave your recently worn shoes alone for an hour or two. You could hang them on shoe trees that help them dry out if they got moist and contract to their original shape. Shoe trees have become all the rage, but going for the simple ones than varnished ones would be ideal.

Secondly, don’t wait till your heel pops out completely; take it to your trusted cobbler the first chance you get. This way you get it fixed earlier and save it from further damage.

Shoes made of suede material need extra care using cleaning products specifically made for suede. Blemishes can be rubbed away using a suede eraser and then brush the surface to even out the fuzz.

If you were caught in a downpour, chances are that your leather shoes got soaking wet. These shoes need to be dried immediately, but away from direct heat; too much heat damages leather. Crumple up some newspapers and stuff it into your shoes. Give it some time to dry slowly and be sure to keep it out of direct heat. Wait until they are almost dried out, and put in cedar shoe trees. This is to ensure that they evenly dry and keep their original shape.

To avoid having smelly shoes, don’t wear the same pair day in and day out; leave some gaps between uses. Keep your feet clean and dry as you use the shoes. Unvarnished shoe trees will absorb moisture and also deodorize the insides. You can also replace the soles.